Thursday, 5 May 2016

A moving experience.

A 26ft U-Haul..loaded to the gunwales. We got going at 8 Monday morning and after making a couple of stops, got into Quesnel for the night. Came close to not getting a room...tree planters and mill shut down crews had taken pretty much everything. On top of everything else, we had a freezer on board and that needed power. Lo and behold...we find a motel with a parking spot I can cram the truck into right at our door and right there, a power receptacle.

We weremoving right along at Lac La Hache..and stop for a breakfast. A nice omelette for me and some French Chocolate Crepes for Sharon.

Apparently, crepes go well with pineapples.

Two,  Thursday afternoon...last box.

 Celebrated with some sushi and a watchful Maya.

Who dosn't like Mango BubbleTea?



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