Friday, 28 August 2015

Days in Old Massett..of Haida Gwaii

The view from the, to say the least...awesome. We are in Old Massett, home of the Haida and one of Wayne`s sisters has beach view property...and so do we!

The night after the burial we were invited to a Home Blessing and House Warming. Blessings haven`t been done in years, says a local Haida woman. Few people have moved into new or remodled homes.
This is Lilly...she presided over the burial, the House Blessing and will be taking care of the Burial Ceremony...which happens today.


Haida women are so beautiful


 Our morning watch bird.....he..or she..was on the wall about 10 feet from the RV for maybe an hour.

Wayne`s siter Ina...weaving a cedar hat for her grandaughter.

Another sister, Christine..same afternoon..same time...was cleaning this large scallop and cockles   

Sharon wasn`t cleaning..she was giving me shopping orders. The Welcome dinner was being made...welcome for out of town people...and we have been around long enough to be seen not as from, we were making a couple dishes for supper. Ten people have arrived this afternoon, from out of, the family gathers to welcome them.

And 40 crab to be cleaned. Along with I have no idea how many salmon cooked, and chicken wings and salads and a huge pot of potato au gratin..that was Divine, if I may say so....

And the Death Ceremony, that begins at 5pm.

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