Saturday, 25 July 2015

One night with you...camping....


We seem to be unable to plan multiple days away in the RV. Sharon has been so damned busy. None-the-less, we blistered out of here Friday afternoon...first the nails to get done...and then a quick barfy lunch...fuk, I dislike Pizza Hut...but it was Sharon's lunch choice so......I was brave. 

Then we headed east, about a whisker and turned up the Copper River logging road, looking for a good spot for just one night.

The falls mark the spot...

If you click on this pic and make it can just barely see the top corner of the truck

It is morning...right?

I got 6 nice Diamond Willow hiking sticks. I am just de-barking and cleaning them up before they go to the drying stage.

Bugs...mosquito's..I forgot to mention my new Skeeters-B Gone....I saw it somewhere and I am often a sucker for home remedies..although so many fail. But this time...folks, we have a winner!!

Get a sealer...fill with Apple Cider Vinegar...smash up a handful of parsley and get that in there. I guess there is something int he parsley? I dunno..anyway, leave in the fridge overnight..or, like me..a month....strain off the green bits and use a small hand mister....h-o-l-y works. Not only that, but if you waited till you got nailed 50'll stop the itch too.

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