Thursday, 18 September 2014

I wanna live on a ranch....

Before lleaving the area, we went back to Manhatten for an hour of looking around.

The Oasis in daytime..just in case you went looking for it.

Ron strolling back from shopping

and yes,,,the two shopping mavens

One of the things we are planning to do is visit some friends of Anne and Ron's...Andy and Karen O'Hair, that operate the 40,000 acre O'Hair Ranch, outside of Livingston Montana, in conjunction with their huge family. We rolled in and we directed to park over by a cabin where there was a power outlet. How nice was that!!! We actually didn't need it but it was very nice of them to offer it. 

What follows then are just pictures of the ranch...the people that work and live on it....barns and fences....maybe two or three Blog entries. We had such a fabulous time and have been told to come back anytime...on our own, if we like. 

I had just taken that previous pic and these geese flew by....didn't have time to change over to colour.


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