Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Prince George, Vanderhoof and Houston BC...10 days camping

The day we took off for a 10 day camping trip a box arrived.....had some art work and a cup, from the grankids, Celebrating Fathers Day. My 4 year old girl grandkid has a pretty unique sense of humour and the cup was from her, so we took some pix and made a collage. She called me a 'troublemaker' for my efforts. we wented. We didn't even get going till after 7pm, so it was Boston Pizza in Terrace and down highway 16 about 30 k's, to a rest area. And a turn just prior to the area which takes one down to a nice bench of land right about the Skeena River. Great overnight spot we have used many times.

I 'found' this pic of the Mediterranean Pizza from Boston....doesn't look very appetizing, does it....but tell you what...that damned pie is one of THE best tasting I have ever had. I have had it twice now and it is a big city pizza for sure.

Mediterranean Veggie Pizza

Up and at'r in the morning. There is a First Nations village that is on the way...Kitsigukla, and when you drive over th bridge, if you are gawking around, a river and beach....wayyyyy down there. Anytie I go by, I wonder what the road is like, so this time, turned off the highway, engaged the 4 wheel gear and down we went. Wasn't a l-o-n-g drop but it was enough of one to be grateful for the 4-lo shit. Coming back up was no different.

Down on the beach and ball throwing.

Looking east, up the Skeena.

A not uncommon sight in BC..anywhere there is a cliff, cars and trucks can been seen.......

Seems like one of the things that Firsst Nations folks have in common....stuff has a different meaning. 

We did Kitimat to Prince George in record time...2 days. hhahahaha...most people do it in 8 hours. We stopped in Smithers and visited Jean and Ingo and did some shopping....then to Vanderhoof for a night. Fially rolling into PG and a visit to Home Depot and Costco....we were stocking up for what was to have been a four day camp thing with my sister but with the rain....2 day was enough. That and the bugs. We met on Sunday and Tuesday morning she left and we hung one one more day, then bailed.

Back to Prince George, and to Hopme Depot where Sharon had seen some tiles she wanted for the bathroom. More fuckin tiles...geeeesuz

So, okay....back along highway 16, westward and turn off just before Vanderhoof, heading for lake country. First up was Hogsback Lake. What an endearing name, doncha think? out of a bad movie. And sure enough...the first camping area was inhabited by the yahoo crowd. However, up the ever present hill and around a corner to the second area....mucho better.


  One of the very cool things is that Hogsback Lake is a trail-head for the Telegraph Trail.

this is Echo Lake cabin, in Yukon

Echo Lake Telegraph Station c. 1936 Yukon Archives, John Sutherland fonds, 82/200 #245

Up and down the road..onto logging roads for what we thought as a drive to Kenny Dam...not so. Got all bollixed up and ended up short of our hoped for dam. Still and all, a great drive, and got filthy....ended up at Borel, Boreal or Burell Lake.....

A sight you won't see trying to fish. baaahhhhhh.....

 Bugs mean fire....a smokey fire.

Crossing Francois Lake on the brings you within strking distance of Burns Lake, but we turned west along the lakes edge and back to logging roads.


We had targeted Owen Lake Rec site, close to Houston BC, for the night. I will say..this is the first time that I have ever been made to feel unwelcome. The entire rec site was to be taken up by people from Houston and they weren't looking favorably upon anyone that dared to park in 'their' place. We moved to an outer area, took a spot and spent the night..leaving early. Thanks for nothing, people.


 From the Telkwa High Road, heading west from Smithers for home


 Maya and one of her stuffed animals

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