Wednesday, 9 April 2014

No place like home

Great to be home. Flew up yesterday and played honeymoon all afternoon/evening. Nice nice nice. 

Our home is a construction zone. Having a new bathroom put in...out went the tub, install a tiles shower wall and radiant heating on the floor...with the tile flowing from entry on to and up the shower wall. Also new flooring for the entire house again with radiant heating. The floors is to arrive today but we aren't holding our breath. There have been any many twists and turns in this whole thing.

The bathroom was to have been done this tie last year, which lead to me decision to not travel for the winter months. It didn't get year, when the same thing was being happening, I chose to head off. Now..I am here to really get things fucked up! There is a method to all this madness and as time goes by, I'll share that.

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