Wednesday, 19 February 2014

To Die for cheesecake and a light-house

A '38 Ford that a couple from Ontario have driven down to the Gulf Coast. In fact, they have driven it all over the place...even Texas. There is a whole story here that I need to find a way to relate...that will have to wait till I have given it more consideration.

Okay...this is maybe the highlight of the trip....a flash fried....that means Deep Fried...Cheesecake, then topped with an Amaretto sauce and pecans. If you happen to be on the Gulf Coast on the Bama-Florida border, look up Triggers...the feed back is that the crab cakes and catfish are to die for..we had a salad and burger..which were good no question...but then we were encouraged by our waitress to  order this.....  I think she is a pusher...sells this stuff to the addicted.

To pay for that particular sin, we went out to the Pensacola Lighthouse and walked the 177 stairs.

Pensacola Naval Air Station

This is the light part.

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