Sunday, 23 February 2014

Crawdads, mudbugs or 'bugs...a boil is a food celebartion!

A crawdad boil...if you watch any of the Bayou Swamp Pawn Stars, Swamp Gator Catchers, Cajun Justice reality shows, you know the term..Crawdad boil..and mudbugs. Well, we got invited to one, here in Louisiana. A feller that is on the same RV webpage as I invited us to stop in and have supper. A boil. We were invited to a boil, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

First step is...get the 'bugs....crawdads...mudbugs....and in this day and age, you buy them from those that raise them commercially. have your bag..20? lbs of 'bugs. Then a bag of small potatoes 5? lbs, left whole, 4 or 5 whole onions. Not skinned, either. Same number of garlic heads, not skinned. A bag of celery (the whole plant), 6 or more, ears of corn, cut in half.A bunch of lemons, in half.

Bring the water up to a boil...get it? boil?...and toss in the bag of Louisiana boil spices.


 Then...toss in the spuds and let them boil for 5 or 10 minutes. Then in goes all the other veggies. You don't wanna over-cook nuthin, either. Not to point of being soft.

In goes the bugs...the crawdads.Maybe for 5 minutes...then you get this big bag of crushed ice and layer that on top. That forces the 'bugs to the bottom and in turn, that allows the spices to get right into the meat.

Lift the rack and drain.

Toss out on the picnic table.

And what it really looks like, how it's really done..and where you really eat it.

And it's not a quiet sit-down dinner. You invite friends and neighbours....there's lots of food...and then King cake....

We had been invited by some folks in Baton Rouge, Linda and Mike. A wonderful meal and visit.

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