Friday, 7 February 2014

-37c and #8 Diamond Willow walking stick placed

Let me tell you about minus 37 degree's, Celsius. That is fucking cold. I drove to Smithers Tuesday afternoon, and it was -25 Wednesday morning. Truck battery was jumped from Ingo's car, warm it up and away we go. On to Prince George and next morning..-35 or 37...whatever. This time tho I had plugged in the block heater and battery charger I always carry and hey presto, a start. Drove down to Williams Lake to spend an evening with a niece and again plugged it in. Minus -37 at 5:30 am...shit.....I had decided to get down to Vancouver so..left early enough to do that. Man..this is dangerous stuff, minus 37. If one has a breakdown or goes off the road, things come to fast and ugly end.

 Once I came off the Canyon, I stopped and let Maya out for a good run. It had been 3 days of mean streets for her...a fast pee and that was all her wee tiny feet could handle. NOW we had grass and that meant only one thing....and like...OMG did that feel wonderful.

While there I decided to hide one of my Diamind Willow hiking/walking sticks.

This is a clue opposed to a see are close.

 N49 14.504 W121 45.880

 Anyway, I just cruised along and was in Mission for a lunch with pals Ernie, Leslie and Rocko's Diner. 



                                 Ernie... he and I started driving buses together in '72.

want a burger? then mean it baby.....

Oh yes.....I got my new glasses today too. I had had them mailed to my bud's place where I am staying till Tuesday morning. 
I am not yet convinced that this form of eye glass marketing is as wonderful as it seems, but I am willing to give it a try-out. Next I am going to order some sun-glasses.

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