Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve...

New Years Eve...I am not a huge fan of NYE parties. I don't like drunks that figure because it's THAT night they can just paw anyone near them. I am funny that way, I suppose. If I had my druthers I'd off somewhere...maybe in the high desert of Nevada at the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge...there is a hot springs there...that'd be neat. Not New York..fuk no..waaay too many people. May be a log cabin....I like solitude but I also like company. I like a sexy Eve. Just two... nice food ..roll around under some quilts and laugh.

I've had two or three really spectacular New Years Eves.  Memorable. 

I hope that your Eve is good for you. That`s it`s fun and memorable.

I don`t `do`resolutions. I want more of the same, I suppose. Lots of RV travels, maybe some fishing. A pile of great pictures...yeah, with that new lens! 

So..lets get at`r... we are off to downtown Vancouver,, looking for some supper and hangin out till it`s dance time. 

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