Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hyundai Warranty..*sigh*

I really dislike and distrust new car manufacturers and dealers when they  go to great lengths to 'seal the deal' then renege on the basic stuff, like simple Warranty issues.

 Sharon is on her third Hyundai and loves it. Me, on the other hand, find ownership of these vehicles an onerous task. Meaning..having one is a pain in the ass. As nice as the car is..and hey, lets not mince words here, it IS a nice car. Heated leather seats, huge sun roof, lots of leg room and goes like stink....but when there has to be some kind of warranty work done they want it to a dealer, and that is 8 hours away, in Prince George, BC. We have had three issues now, where they demanded the car go to the dealer. And each time it's  more than  a $1,000. Sharon looses sales while out of her office, motels, food and fuel.

It would be fair to ask...Why did you buy one, then?  Because it was red? Yes...that too. I didn't buy it...ahem....however, one of the deal closers was the assurances by the dealer and Hyundai Canada that Warranty work could be performed by a shop out our way...say for instance, Terrace Honda?....and in fact, that has happened. Usually after some arm twisting tho. The biggest arm twist was over a power steering pump and  the demand that the car be winter...the eight hours to the dealer in Prince George. I pointed out the inherent risk involved...winter driving conditions, ice/snow....and that the power steering pump was failing....are they sure they wanted the car driven the 8 hours? oooooooohhhhhhhhh...oh...oh, no...we will ship the needed parts to Honda in Terrace.

This time it's the radio head. Bluetooth will not connect. And it's an exchange of one head for another. Not a rebuild or anything like that. But..Hyundai insists that the head cannot and will not be sent out of a dealers shop, to saayyyyy Terrace Honda. They cite's a thousand dollar part, Sir. So..Sharon is in PG this weekend, getting her radio head replaced, rather than just having it sent to a place in Terrace and allowing them to put in the exchange unit.

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