Thursday, 10 October 2013

Off to visit and shop in the US

Sharon flies into Vancouver this afternoon and we are heading right off into Washington State. The folks that joined us on Haida Gwaii live in Anacortes and we have been invited to join them fora dinner at the place where Ron has a buddy that he sails with. In other words..the Yacht Club. That just sounds so pretentious coming off my fingers...

But before that can take place...I need to buy some clothes fit to be out in public in. I am in jeans and T' traveling garb. We'll stop in at the Prime Outlet in Burlington this aft and get me all duded up. Sharon and Anne are off tomorrow for a major major spree at a mall close to Seattle. Ostensibly, this is Sharons Christmas shop...yeah, right....I think Ron and I are banned from this activity.



Sharon went shopping.....I went picture taking

And this is Anacortes..or at least a bit of of this morning.

How can you beat deer in your neighborhood?

 Friends Ron and Anne...of Haida Gwaii fame? their home and front yard.

Unloading live...fresh carb on a dock. Destined for the Asian markets.

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