Sunday, 27 October 2013

Home stretch now....

Got out of New Westminster and kids and the Bear.....didn't really have far to go. I had been invited to Suzanne's step-daughters home for supper. I always make a point of seeing Murphy and Brian. wasn't even close to dinner time so I stopped in a pub in Ridge Meadows. Has a great location on the Fraser River and a handy dandy spot for me to park the RV...have lunch a couple beers and then grab an hours nap.


Right across the river is Derby Reach..a great camp ground in the GVRD...(Regional District).

In order to get the wifi signal I had to scoot next door to the pizza/cafe. All part of the same operation..and this sign was by the till. I've seen it many times but yesterday caught my funny bone.... to dinner. Murphy is very...very animated. 

Her good friend Merrin came out too. Merrin and I have met a couple times and we Facebook...and she loves Maya. And the little traitor dog just laps it up.

Overnighted in their yard and in the morning after coffee...motored out, heading for home. A two day drive...but if the weather holds nice..a four day one, for me.

Cruising thru Mission I grabbed a pic of my grandparents house. Still standing...geeezus.

pretty colours...raspberry canes and a maple tree in Deroche.

It was after 4 by the time I got into Hope and just didn't want to be in the canyon at dark. I could have just rolled on up to Cache Creek but that seemed a shame. So....I found a nice spot right on the Fraser River....

Watched the sunset....

And....I am busting the law tonight.... Camped in a 'signed' location.   This might be me......

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