Friday, 4 October 2013

Diamond Willow Walking Sticks....

I have now cached the first of many walking sticks. My fervent hope is that people that find or recover the sticks and log it in here and we all get to share in the fun. I have posted it in GeoCache, so hopefully it will be found and used.

When you post/submit a cache to GeoCache dot com...they determine if that submission meets their criteria and terms. Apparently, my Walking Sticks do not.  It is not a 'traditional' Geo Cache. Well, fuck me  blind....There is no provision for a cache like this..where someone leaves something to be found and taken.

I have submitted a request to, asking them to take a second look at it. I am not hopeful.

addendum...I have received a very terse not from geocache dot com that under no circumstances will they be posting/hosting my Walking Stick GPS cache.

Rules are rules, you know.

I have created a Blog just for the Walking Stick project. From this point on all, Walking Stick GPS info and updates will be posted on that Blog.


N52 39.903  W121 40.238

If you recover one..please do tell me.


In the meantime, I placed a second Walking Stick in this location.

N49 25.999 W 120.16.387

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