Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beths, eating in Seattle

Who the fuck eats a twelve...yes 12, egg omelet?  I know that someone did because I saw it about to get served. Holy cripes.....I had a corned beef hash that was pretty damned awesome.

 I was leaving Seattle and feeling a mite peckish...driving along Green Lake I saw a bunch of folks and cars all heading into a local joint. What else could I do.....

It has credentials too...


  1. Ah, I do love beth's! Their Southwestern Omelette defeated the man vs food guy ;).

    I've finished off three of their dozen egg omelettes (not all in one sitting) and the hash browns that came with it. Two makin bacon, and one meat lovers.

  2. Matt..that you have done that three times? I am in awe.