Thursday, 26 September 2013

Say it ain't so, Joe....

The first frost of the year hit overnight. People will now begin to scurry around, taking in the yard stuff..chairs, tables, lawn-mower. Apparently we are also going to harvest tomatoes. We had sooooo much rain that there is no flavour in my otherwise fat plants, so I was saying to hell with we have a flat of sealing jars and Sharon is beginning to 'nest'.

Had to switch pots...too much content....

I, on the other leaving for a month or so. Packing stuff into the motorhome and every time I turn around Maya is ensconced in one of 'her' seats. I am leaving soon and Sharon is flying to Vancouver wh

ere we shall skip right across the border, do some shopping, stop in at Ron and Anne's the next day..people from Haida Gwaii? in Anacortes..I have rocks...bags and a box, of rocks, for delivery to Anne and then we return to BC, trying to beat any Thanksgiving push from south to north, there might be.

Sharon and her family are going to spread their mom's ashes on Thanksgiving Day, in a couple spots around Vancouver.

We are going shopping for...(wait for it)...tile, the day following and then Sharon flies home the next day. I'm going to go down to Seattle for most a week...visiting my pal Raye. Hoping for great weather because in the rain, as yucky as any other place in rain.

I'll head home first week of November, hopefully all the 'nesting' will be done.

People, what did you do on Haida Gwaii....well, Sharon shopped at, for one thing.

These are re-fillable I can use my own coffee blend. It appears I have to use a less fine grind than I am using in my French press.

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