Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hump Day....

I have no idea why, but sometimes the  coding I post for a YouTube fails...such is the case with a piece at the end of this Blog entry. I have re-done it and hopefully, it holds, this time.

 Tired out puppy.....

 Is there anything better than a roasted pork, carrots and spuds?

One thing thing out. That`s the philosophy...when we buy something, something else has to go...and that can be a problem. Usually it`s an old piece of stuff that no one really wants. But...we have neighbors that find uses for stuff. We put it out on the lawn and they disappear it. The latest item was a really heavy table that qualified as a piece of fine retro kitchen furniture. If we had lived in a big city it was a couple hundred buck, easy. Up here...not a chance. I actually had given it away once...and the husband brought it back the other day. hahahaha...I tried to tell return policy here..take it back....he just walked away, the bastard. Anyway...I heard a noise and puppy was making almost barky sounds, so I went to the front door....and lookee here.....

Although they too have returned stuff. They took a lawn mower that was out on the `give-away`lawn..and brought it back when it wouldn`t run. Why the hell do they think I was giving it away?

 I have about 100 CD's that I have been dragging aroud with me in the RV and even tho I have them in two protective cases, many have become scratched or have some mysterious stain in them...all of which means that they skip. I had bought a stack of blank CD's, thinking to copy them so keep the originals at home. But...they still have the skippies and they do take up room in the plastic-put-everything-in-bucket, that rides between the seats. So I figured I'd give thumbdrives a try. I have downloaded damn near all 100cd's onto one drive, renamed the one ones where I have multiples of the same artist, to break them up so I don't hear all six Lyle Lovitt cd's consecutively. It has taken me most of a week to get this done. I sit here and load up CD' to I am doing a Christmas/native music/African music one. They self-file so I am setting them in groups, using the alphabet (A, B, C, D etc...) to line them up, so each genre plays in it's group.

Yes..I could have used an mp3 player..but I don't have one, so did it this way. If I like the format I may get an mp3 so that I can see the listed tunes on demand.

One of my favorite cd have to play it LOUD, eh....'s Hump day

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