Monday, 23 September 2013

Haida Ceremony and a Farmers Market

This place..or at the very least, this condo has an abundance of rainbows.

A farmers market on a Saturday morning seems fitting....

Great looking veggie samosa' my heart, I was thinking...veggie samosa's? what a waste.

A Headstone Moving Ceremony......on some reserves, after a person dies, and after the service itself, the headstone is still to be moved to the grave site. For some peoples it is weather related. The Haisla for instance, in Kitimat, can't even access the graveyard during the five months of winter. And too, there is a period of time..a year..or more..before the Ceremony takes place. Sometimes this is about waiting for the spirits to settle...or waiting for the ashes, representing the body, to come 'home' The person was living somewhere else..or at least, died somewhere other than their home reserve. This can take years. And for some families it is about money. Holding a Headstone Moving Celebration is a very expensive undertaking..(nice pun, Gary). There is a hall to be rented, food to be bought and prepared, gifts for all that will come and witness the Ceremony, dancers to be hired. None of this is free. The entire family is involved in preparing for the event. Often, items to be given away are hand woven dish clothes and scarves..these are all done by family members, pitching in.

hhmm..I shouldn't make such a blanket comment. Perhaps on some reserves or for a special person, the community comes together and contributes. But, for the most part, a family has to look after the costs.

We were invited to come out to Massett and witness a Headstone Moving Celebration. Sharon and I went..the other two had to fly back to their home. 

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