Friday, 20 September 2013

Haida Gwaii storm

Fault line on Haida Gwaii is right here...right under the car.

The first big storm of the fall of 2013 arrived and I have to say...most everyone was excited. There were lots of folks out sight seeing...residents, not many looky-lou`s like us. We managed to get about 30k`s north, to Telell and turned back there. There was even rock up over the road and a grader was doing a cleaning.

I did three video's....

Ben Davidson has a studio and I wanted to revisit it and take some more photos using a wide angle lens.

This is a button blanket and not for sale...just a display.

What really had me going tho is this eagle. It was done as a commissioned piece and one of the two buyers didn`t approve and refused it. So..another will be done. $125,000.00 if you are interested. It`s 12 TWELVE feet across the wings span.

Supper....halibut and salmon pan fried with some bbq`d potatoes....that should do it, eh....

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