Wednesday, 3 April 2013

To the Okanagan

Rolled out of the 'Loops and headed for 97, south to Kelowna. I thought I'd be finding a night pull-off around Falkland. Just cruising past Monte Lake tho, was nice. There were a couple kayakers out and a few fishing from the banks.

Ended up in a rest area just south of Falkland. In the morning, I stopped in Vernon for a bit then on down to Kelowna.

What do you call a bunch of tractors? Can't be herd...nor a gaggle..or a murder....

A Wood Brothers machine.

Oh yes...the cd player saga....I had it apart twice, right down to the guts...the second time I put it back together I was rewarded. Extra screws left over! Never can tell when you need a screw, I have said, more than once. Oddly enough...the cd's would still not run. I went looking for a new one and had a frustrating time...London Drugs no longer sells car cd Future shop was my next stop and that was just bad. The sales gal..was her first day, I guess. Didn't have a clue about any of the products. Once I got that sorted and finally decided to just buy a cheap one and have them install the new wiring harness...the tech guy said sure, just leave it for a bit..when I said no, that it was my motorhome and I was using it, he said nope...couldn't do it that day after all. eh x2....

I had stopped in at a local shop, Andre's and they don't sell Sony, so I had moved on. Went back, said hell with it...selected a cheap one and mumbled about the install rate of $70.00..guy says why? you just need new plug, you have the cd deck in your, put that install cost towards a better Kenwood one..$$$ with Bluetooth. Bottom line...I wasn't able to fix the other, got a new and was able to talk to grandaughter Ellie on it..which was kinda one way....hello, hello, hello, hello.....

Andre's..a local (BC) outfit that seems to have a real thing for customer service. If you are in BC and looking for electronic gizmo's, maybe give them a look...andreselectronicexperts


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