Sunday, 21 April 2013

Drivers and driven...

"Hell no, I am not going to play with that"......Buddy has his views regarding Maya...not Mia, as we thought...Maya, but same pronunciation. Mia sound.

With the massive influx of workers into Kitimat, the camping sites and fishing spots are going to become inundated with folks looking to be somewhere..anywhere. The area is, on one hand a wilderness with lots and lots of mountains, running water, logging fact, access is very limited. There are only a few unregulated camp spots that a person can get to. One of the most popular is at the 1/2 way point between Terrace and the highway, just barely, called Orange Bridge. You can go down, park and fish, hang out on the Kitimat River...some will overnight or over-weekend in their RV's. There has been one set-up there all summer long, the past four years I have been in the area. We took a run into Terrace yesterday and lo and behold...there are 5 units already in place. By end of the month, there won't be a spot for day-use. There will another 4 or 5 RV's and that will be that.

The same will happen to all of the local holes. There are some pretty nice spots and they will all get over-run with the construction folks. I am guessing that there'll be some harsh words this year. People that call this area home, that have gone out to their favorite spot to camp and will find it unavailable.

And the same will apply to the the two provincial campgrounds in this area. They will be filled from opening day to close.

Across the river, from the 'normal' camp spot, someone has stashed an RV of somekind and run a solar panel...


The RV is in there, somewhere. Yes, it might be a tent, but up here, most prefer a hard sided camp...bears, you know.


MAYA....apparently JR's like the water. She was pretty dainty about it all, but the water was damn chilly too.

You will see that I take my dog owners responsibilities very seriously. Perhaps I should do a trainers video...sell it....a how-to.

No one should refer refer to Sharon as dainty.......she'll thump ya.

One of the prettiest spots...Lake Lake Else. A name which makes me stumble....a provincial park that has a big camping ground.

I have had issues with my computer 'freezing' and have searched and looked....and so far, little or no success. Yesterday, once again asking the question, but maybe in a different way than I had before..I got to reading a blurb about 'freezing' and one of the suggestions was to update all of my drivers., I go looking for a utility that would do that and of course, there are ones you can buy..and ones you can get for free. I use CNET.Com for all of that sort of stuff and lo and behold..they have a couple recommended utility programs. I downloaded the one that had the highest rating and.....I can't say it corrected the freezing..I only did it yesterday, but as of this seems to have done the trick.

The thing with this program..and with many of the 'free' downloads..there is a better mousetrap...a 'Pro' or 'Auto' version and that one you have to purchase. 
I just did the d/l, the set up and then the scan and then did it, one at a time, manually. Took a while...nothing silly tho.


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