Friday, 26 April 2013

Clean for the weekend

The dog appears to be settling in.

Pouring rain...so what better way to spend some quality time, other than making live or napping..both of which I hold in the highest regard...than to do some smoking. I had bought some already smoked bacon...blech....store shit...but a slab that I figured to slice into nice thick pieces and add a finishing touch of cold smoke. Then...because I had a free rack, grabbed a couple rib sets, and even with a rub on them, popped them in too. I`ll do a 3.5 hour cold smoke with the Bradley, then will put a rub on the ribs and boot the roasting element up to 300 or so for maybe 5 hours.

And into the smoker again with the ribs....

Made up a rub of demerara sugar, salt,garlic powder, black pepper and chili powder.

I saw this and was thinking...I link that smoking smell to my camping experiences.

Campfire Cologne - Wilderness

Thought maybe I`d put up a video of how to feed a grandchild.

hey...do you recall when I got the winch installed, there was a $50.00 rebate going on and the guys at Sportsman mailed all the info in for me....got the cheque in todays mail drop.