Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Water pumps...

If you are fan of Morgan Freeman, you might get a charge out of this interview.

Following up on the title.....

And a lack of mechanical ability, combined to consume four hours of my day. I am patting myself furiously on the back tho...I sat there and looked and thunk and looked and figured....walked around the rv and twisted valves and put my head into really dirty spaces, looking for the answer....why the fuck is the water pressure so low at the faucet. It was low as of about the 1/2 point of last years camping season and with the thumping of the water pump, I diagnosed the problem as a worn out water pump. It happens, you know. I bought one of the new Shur Flows..quieter, more capacity and a great price.

Product Description
This legendary pump has set the standard for the RV Industry. SHURflo’s 2088 pumps are equipped to deliver high performance and reliability every time they are used. SHURflo’s potable water pumps operate three independent pumping chambers which allow the pump to self-prime and lift water up to 12 feet. With smooth flow and uninterrupted operation, the SHURflo® Fresh Water pumps include a built-in check valve to prevent back flow into the tank. Each pump features an adjustable switch and has the capability to run dry without damage to the pump or motor.

See that clear  round doo-hickey? Filter. THAT was the culprit....if you have water pressure problems? Take a look and if you have an in-line filter....maybe that is your answer, too. Mine was plugged....it's a screen actually.

 I am taking off on Thursday....maybe gone for two months. daughter Morgan is going to have a baby on the 13th..their second. Her three year old Ellie also has a baby in her tummy...two babies, sometimes. I was invited to be there for the birth...hell, yes, I am coming! We got home Saturday afternoon..with ten minutes to spare to get my insurance tags...and got the RV Sunday. Got a quick coin-op wash done and am now spending a couple days getting stuff in and ready.


I am the look-out for a utility trailer.... sort of like this. I want to go into a couple places here in BC that are pretty far off the beaten track...I want to be able to carry a little bit of extra fuel and if I could flop in my inflatable and old motor? that's be pretty great.


So, I don't want anything fancy or too big...just big enough but something I can manhandle around if needs be. The shorter a trailer is the harder it is to back-up with..they jack-knife in a heart beat, so...if I get a shorty, I'll just get out and push it into what ever hole I want.

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