Friday, 15 March 2013

To Seattle

Off I went this morning.....going to spend 4 days with my pal Raye. If weather allows, I am gonna do the St Paddy's Parade tomorrow...Saturday....

Now that's a good burger......and onion rings too, eh.....


Popped down onto Semiamo Bay in Blaine....

And Bellingham Bay......

The Alaska Ferry Manatuska was getting ready to sail north.

They have a Ferris wheel in/at the Port of Seattle..right on the waterfront by the ferry terminal.\


I needed a new pair of boots. Stopped in at Bass at Prime Outlet in Burlington......SCORE......$44.00

And some regular, old fashioned light bulbs....Sharon will want some and Morgan asked me to grab some for them, too.


  1. I remember when they put that big Ferris wheel up a few years ago, Seattle attempting to replicate the big Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago :p.

  2. These damned Seattle-ites..always copying other folks shit, eh.