Sunday, 24 March 2013

off again, off again....

Time to be off..but before I left, I was able to spend an hour with Ellie and Lochlan and their parents. Ellie was having kinda tough time, so our chat was carried out in the 'camper' just before I left. She does like the 'camper'...wants to sleep in the bed and have a picnic. We'll be doing that on my next trip down.

Morgan took some shots of me with Lochlan.

Drove out to Maple Ridge to spend the evening and night at Susan Murphy's.  Goodness, but she can cook up great food.


 el gato..Paco....


 Susan's husband Brian. Who has offered to take care of a brake issue I have with the RV tomorrow, Monday. He is a Ford mechanic who has tossed in the Ford hat for a position with |Coast Mountain Bus.

Merrin...a friend of Susan's that I have had as a Facebook pal for several years but had never met. She came out for supper too. Then we had to get into a cat photographing contest.....

This afternoon...Sunday...I am going off to visit Ernie Norman and if he keeps his word...the cheap bastard...we are off to a local pub for the jam session. Oh yeah..and meat draw. I will go back to Murphy's for supper and spend the night again, in their driveway, so that Brian can do his thing tomorrow.

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