Monday, 11 March 2013

Is that a wench on your truck?

Nothing makes a boy happier than a new gadget and a Warn winch is right up there.

Note to Matt.....thanks for bringing to my attention..I hadn't posted the's a VR12,000. A 12,000lb winching ability. Of course, using a couple snatch blocks increases that by leaps and bounds.

I had arranged for Sportsman Light Truck in Kamloops to do the install. Justin was the brother in the shop, for Saturday, and it all went smoothly.

He had to turn the motor, and this get a bit of wiggle room for the solenoid,  to get enough room at the top, to be able to fit in the winch and still be able to close the lid.

Justin had to turn the motor a make room for the solenoid.

 The hole in the bumper...especially designed by Aluminess to accommodate a winch.

Warn winches    And..looking this morning on their website, looks like I am entitled to a $50.00 rebate too!!!!!

Now  have to learn to use the darned thing. Lots of good stuff on YouTube, but really..I need to get with someone that knows how to actually use a winch properly.


  1. What tonnage is your new winch rated at?

  2. How stupid of me, to not have posted that info, Matt.

    It's the VR12,000. 12,000lbs.


  3. Thanks, sounds a bit low for a motorhome, figured that'd be more in line for a 18,000-24,000lb rated winch that uses the hydraulic pump system vs the straight gear reduction :).

  4. The guys that did the 4x4 conversion said that this was the one. I was also in contact with in Ca. that builds the bumpers. This was the one, dey all said.


    1. Sounds like it's probably the best for an aluminum bumper to go by it's max rating from the manufacturer, I kept thinking you had a steel front bumper on yer rig :p.