Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day run to Prince Rupert

Well...when it's this mild in BC's north, one needs to get we go did just that, with a drive to prince Rupert.  One the way....saw some nice pics to be taken.....

 This an ice formation that has broken away from the rock it was attached to.

Looking out on the Skeena River...tide was waaaaay out.

We don't usually follow the traffic, no matter where we are..up and down the side streets is the way to go.....and damned of we didn't kinda stumble on pretty cool place....the Ocean View Hotel-pub-restaurant.

Walls are pretty much lined with old Prince Rupert from 1908..and display cases with chotchkis...lighters.

And...the 'find' of the day.....saw the book in a Cow Bay store and after looking at it...there are some great recipe's in there...I bought two. However, not from the store...they had them priced at $25 each...soooo, this mornring I went looking on-line and found the books for almost half that on  Buy 25 $ worth of stuff and free shipping, so I bought two books plus a gizmo for Ellie in Vancouver.

You don't need a luxury kitchen to prepare gourmet meals. My name is Dennis and I live in a mobile home in a trailer park. This is from my kitchen.

This week's Feature Recipe:
White Chocolate Budini
White Chocolate Budini
Budini is the Italian word for puddings. Made like a flan, but with white corn meal (polenta), and sweetened with white chocolate, this dessert was surprisingly delicious. The original called for caramelized chestnuts on top, but they didn't seem appropriate. So I chose slices of banana and I made additional syrup for garnish.
Click the "View the PDF" button to download the recipe to your computer. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions with photographs. Additional recipes can be found in the Recipe Archive.

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