Monday, 21 January 2013

My failure to 'get it'.

I really do not understand politics very well. Whether state politics or family, I fail, miserably when confronted with what I believe to be a no-brainer, becomes an argument or an explosion of hate and vitriolic nonsense.

 I work hard at being in a state of harmony. Daily Meditation, prayer and make strong effort to give credence and support to those that I do not understand or agree with. I am mystified with the positioning of people to prevent some semblance of sanity in the gun debate in the US. I am struck dumb by the actions of my Canadian government when it comes to First Nations peoples and the race to sell our country to those that would ruin the land, air and water, in pursuit of profits.

On a personal front... I am equally dumbfounded by the actions of people that wield their children as weapons of family war. Have you no shame? No honour?

I watched the Inauguration of Barack Obama. Cool stuff. I loved his speech, too. I think he has stepped out and told his detractors...."I am not afraid of you and we are going to move on my agenda"....and I hope that gives them gas. I'm really glad that I don't live in the US...but I sure wish I could have voted for the man..twice. Of course, I don't vote, so maybe I would have just worked in a support office.

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