Monday, 17 December 2012

Flying...can be a challenge



Heading home Sunday night on the 7pm Hawkair flight. out of a bad movie...the flight gets delayed from 7 till after 10....then, finally we taxi out hit the Taxi around in a circle....ooops, pilot person says....hit the Taxi back to ramp...walk in..staff have not one fucking idea what do next. Okay...we'll take names..who wants a motel? A Days Inn out by the food tho...too late...get continental breakfast at 6 am....I have a different idea...reimburse me my $$, fly me home on first flight for free and gimme $20 food voucher for the morning...and I'll sleep at the YVR hostel..(chairs). Done deal. 

And here I am at 5 in the morning, surrounded by people walking with their bags, people running cleaning machines, ticket areas already operational.

And it's Monday.....this is what I look like in my chair.....

 Photo mouth feels like something really ugly was left in there by a fat little rodent. However, I have my bag so will go shave and brush...go find a good breakfast and use my food voucher for that..and pocket $500.00 bux for a night in the airport. Well...not really pocket ALL of that, but I get my initial flight cost reimbursed and a free flight home this morning, assuming that they have fixed the gremlin. 

Gettin the day started at the airport......

 Photo: and now I am up and getting my day started, here at YVR.....

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