Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wal-Mart crazyness

Oh yeah....Christmas time shopping is here! Due to our remote location, store shopping is less than those that have malls to choose from. We do lots of Internet shopping...nothing better than at 2 am, glass of wine and sitting in one's pj' for stuff.

here we are....

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Still, a visit to our out nearest Wal-mart, 60k's down the road in Terrace on this past Friday provided some giggles. We had taken Rosemarie, Sharons mom, with us for the afternoon. Poor lady is now in the midst of an Alzheimer nightmare but is still able to remember past Sharon and her brother, Gary, racing around starting all the toys they could find.

Then we found the moose with his rolling ball......

This one has a 'special' destination.

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