Wednesday, 3 October 2012

San Fransisco....hills galore!

We have rented a spot in a home in the Bernal Heights area of San Fransisco, using the AirBnB website. I;ll get some pix of that today. Nice place..very relaxed and funky cute.

These I took as we walked from the bus stop, finding our`address...and thanks for good directions because this home is not on a's on a set of public stairs.

And's not downtown...but is very much a cool location to operate from.

This is the place in which we have rented a room.

Flowering things everywhere....

                                                                                                           This tree is tucked into a home area.                                  

Mokis Sushi on Cortland...yummers.....mokisushi.

Walking back from dinner to our digs on Rutledge....up/down..up/down....

Towards downtown from Brewster.

Looking eastward..over the Bay towards Oakland.

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