Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hotwire.com and Santa Monica

We have become fans of Hotwire.com. We have used it three times this trip and the fourth will be tonight. The deal is...you have to commit, as in pay for, the hotel/motel before you actually learn the name of it, so one needs to do some searching and reading. If it's tagged as a Super Savings , then this is a good deal.

 The hotel  in San Luis Obisbo...geeezsus that was nice.

Room views....

and the lobby/lounge area....

The lady of the manse.....


and no..she's not my wife...but hey..the tune fits!

Driving down to Santa Monica wasn't a day for pictures...more like a scene from a race movie. Man they drive fast down here.

But..there were a couple of stops along the way.

I like that black and white effect....

We were driving thru Santa Monica, looking for our hotel..and the sun started to set...had to pull over.

I can't decide which one's I like best.

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