Thursday, 25 October 2012

Running away...'On the Road'

Something I have been doing all my life, in one way or another.

I used to hitch a lot as a young guy. And have often thought of doing it again. Not lately..but in the not so distant past, either. I know that hitch-hikers are usually viewed as 'a danger' so I figured if I got one of those 5 gallon jerry cans, made a cut about 6" from the bottom and fashioned some sort of latch...could stuff some clothing in there and with a small like day pack...if someone were hitching out there with a jerry can at their'd know that they have run out of fuel, right? bingo. In my plan, I'd always tell the driver, before getting in...give them a chance to say no.

Anyway..running....something men do well..or easily, for sure.

I loved this book..still love this book. I don't know when I first picked it up...but I recall finishing it and just having to head out..I must have been maybe 16 or seventeen. And from that point on...if I even just thought about the book..I'd get itchy. Maybe it validated my hankering?



I had a for shit childhood. Physical and emotional abuse, some that I recall vividly and likely some other stuff that I cannot, but...both my younger sister and I have the same memory dead spots, so we guess that the mind is protecting itself. Good. I don't want to know anymore than I already do.

But, no doubt it has all been a part of shaping me. I love to travel and feel no shame in just running. For me, now, at this stage in my life, running means no longer trying to make people like me or love me..or care about me. There are some folks in the world, that if I could, I would spank..really fucking hard ..for what they felt it was okay to do to me. Mind you..there are some that given the opportunity, would say the very same thing about me.

Now, I live a very peaceful and love filled life, jam packed with magic moments. Sharon and I get to scoot around a fair amount..sometimes in the RV, camping in northern BC. Sometimes we fly further afield.

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