Saturday, 29 September 2012

Staples to the rescue..ok..maybe not.

I have a fear of computers...especially my own. I don't understand how they work and my brain doesn't lend itself to this kind of stuff. However, having bought enough of the buggers to have inadvertently gained some knowledge, when my Toshiba Netbook N200 had some issues, I was hopeful that I might be able to diagnose and repair it.

I only use it when traveling to check E mail and upload pictures and videos to my Blog, Facebook and YouTube. I have become a huge fan of using these forms of social media and connection. It's not that I believe that many people actually read or see any of the stuff I put up, but I derive a satisfaction from doing it.

When my Toshiba began to falter, it was the MovieMaker program that stopped working properly. It no longer was able to 'read' new video files. I tried anything and everything. I went on-line and searched out others that had similar problems and all to no avail. Oh yeah...found others, but no answers.


 I have been able to find fixes to lots of things...about using the Bradley Smoker, fixing the leaking transfer case seal in the RV..all kinds of good stuff, but not to this. Last week, on my way out of town to Kitwanga, I stopped in at Staples..where I had bought the Netbook some years ago. The Lead techie and his #2 spent most of an hour, trying different tricks and so on...nyet. One of the things that I should have been able to do, was a 'Recovery'. I ought to have been able to turn to the 'Recovery' in the Menu and that in turn would have returned the machine to it's original settings, and whatever other magic it bring itself back to it's original state. That 'Recovery' ability is held in a 'partition' on the hard-drive. When I originally bought the Netbook, I was offered a Staples service..that of a Bronze Install. They take out all the crud and install only the stuff you want..IE:Windows XP programs. No ads, no extra tool bars, work bars..that all have advertising attached. Strips out all of the extraneous shit to make for a faster computer. A great idea, however, as it turns out..the technician of the day would also remove the partition and thus the ability to 'Recover' in the event of a computer failure. He did this for the best of give the customer 100% usage of their pretty small hard drive. And, as I have now discovered...once the partition is cannot put it back. This part, I don't understand..if they can go to the moon and mars..ya gotta think that they can re-install a partition. Anyway...they explained all of this to me last Friday and sent me on my way. Over the weekend, it occurred to me..a Staples employee created this problem...they should maybe fix it. So..had a phone conversation with the store manager on Monday. Tuesday another chat with the lead Tech guy and was invited to bring the Netbook in for a fix. And they have installed a new XP operating system, plus giving me the disc because with no 'Recovery' mode, should I ever have computer issues, I can now re-install. I will require an external hard drive to do this, but that is do-able.

And that didn't work.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.............still won't read video files.....

A fix has been arrived at. Thank you John at Bietz Computers in Kitimat. What has happened..QuickTime..that evil motherfucking movie player from Apple that takes over your computer...has changed a registry or something in mine to make all my video's MOV files, and (MOV will not run on Microsoft MovieMaker or Media Player)...John couldn't find it to remove it. He has found and installed a converter that actually works. I load the video off the card, initiate the converter...get the evil motherfucking MOV file and hey presto..over to AVI.

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