Friday, 10 August 2012

Johnny Reid and some smokin.....

Who does Not just love this guy......

A reader..Simon..commts about a feller named Ben Rutz from the Ottawa Valley that wworks with his sons. Hhe was playing in the Johnny Reid video, but we couldn't see him.

I saw this and I just thought to myself...there but for the grace of God go I.....because I would so do this, in a heartbeat.....

I thought this was screamgly funny.....

I am back to smoking fish again....before smoking, ya gotta 'brine' the fish. This is means applying lots of salt and sugar. I mean LOTS...I salt and then immerse the fish in soy sauce for an overnight soak...after tossing in a bag of demerara sugar, of course. this case, damned if I didn't run out of soy sauce...what to do, what to do....I went looking in the cupboards and voila...a bottle of Pepsi! Typed out that in Google and up pop the ways to use soda in making brines. Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke are really popular with that crowd.

This is Coke...but the idea works on all sodas.

How to Marinate With Coke

How to Marinate With Coke thumbnail
Coca-Cola makes a great marinade on its own, but adding a few other sweet and savory ingredients such as orange juice and garlic helps to bring out the taste of the famous soda. The sugar from the Coke and acidity from the orange juice will result in perfectly tender, juicy and delicious meat. The simple marinade works especially well with steak, ribs, sausage and even chicken. Instead of drinking that next can of Coke, consider transforming it into a tasty dinner.

so..I used Pespi.....and then I need to ensure that the fish is well covered....into the fridge with it for the night.


The soy jug is filled with water now and is a weight on top of some nylon cutting boards, keeping all the fish immersed.


 Out in the morning and it has to dry...I use fans to speed things up and even then, it's about 3 hours before the shine becomes visible. That's called the 'pellicle' want grabs the smoky flavours.

A question that has been directed at me...what on earth do 'you' do with all the fish? To start with, I bought a Food Saver. That was the big step...then into the freezer if I am thinking waaaay ahead, as in Christmas stuff.  It'll keep for a very long time in the vacuum bags, in the freezer.

I was talking with a guy that U sed to work with..back and forth on Facebook....and I made a quick vid about the smoker and sent it to him....


  1. Mmm sounds good, I've heard of using Dr. Pepper and Butter to make a basting solution, but not heard of using it for fish brine.

  2. I can testify sure didn't hurt it any. Hard to say if it really made a difference..what DID make one tho, is the molasses I added to my glaze. Just enough that it's there...yummers.


  3. Btw, whose Johnny Reid? I can't say I've heard of 'em before.

  4. here Matt...let me show a cool thing called Google...put in anything...oohhh...maybe like...Johnny Reid?

    Johnny Reid
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    Not to be confused with New Zealand racing driver Jonny Reid.

    Johnny Reid
    Background information
    Born August 21, 1974 (age 37)
    Lanark, Scotland
    Origin Brampton, Ontario, Canada
    Genres Country, soul
    Occupations Singer
    Years active 1997 — present
    Labels JCD, DreamWorks Records, Open Road Recordings, EMI Music Canada, Manhattan Records
    Associated acts Emerson Drive
    Website Official site

    John (Johnny) Kirkland Reid (born August 21, 1974 in Lanark, Scotland, UK[1]) is a country music artist who has charted several hit singles in Canada. Reid moved to Canada in July, 1988 when he was 13. His father, a diesel mechanic, wanted to give Reid and his brother opportunities he did not think they would have in Scotland. Reid went on to attend Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec, where he met his wife (and was a kicker on the varsity football team).[2] He was nominated for the 2008 Juno Award for Country Recording of the Year for Kicking Stones. Reid was named Male Artist of the Year at both the 2008 and 2009 CCMA Awards. He also performed at the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill on July 1, 2010, which the Queen and Prince Philip attended.

    Fire It Up

    2012 marked the release of Johnny Reid's second album for EMI, Fire It Up. The title track was released on January 10 to Canadian radio and iTunes. The album features Canadian guest artists Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Serena Ryder. The album was also released as a deluxe version with four bonus songs and a DVD featuring the making of the album.

  5. The Johnny Reid Band features a talented fiddle player(unfortunately not in your video Gary)from the Ottawa Valley called Ben Rutz. When he is not touring he maintains a part-time job at the local grocery store in Petawawa as a bag boy/grocery clerk! True story...he works with my 15 and 17 yr old sons when he is in town.

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  7. Simon..thank you very much...had I known...but he is here now.