Monday, 27 August 2012

From Faro, Yukon

Really and truly...I am a blessed person. Look at this trip I am making. How many would love to be able to do it and for reasons of their own, cannot. Sharon is incredibly supportive in my wanderings..never asks 'those questions' in..."what, again?" "why can't you just stay home?"

 The planning dept of the company I am doing the surveys for has had a re-think of their original scheme...I was to spend four days in Faro...and there is no-one IN Faro. We had a phone chat this morning and I am pretty much on my own now. I will base out of Carmacks, driving up to Pelly Crossing and overnighting in Mayo/Keno, then returning to Carmacks. I am going to just drive around, stopping wherever I see tourists and do the survey.

 I took these yesterday, driving from Faro back to Carmacks.

I know..power lines....but I liked the scene....

Faro cemetery. I thought there would be some really old, cool sites....nope.

This slide is on the Little Salmon Lake..and according to the 'Net, was caused by permafrost slippage.

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