Wednesday, 18 July 2012

what a great gift idea!!!!!

Now THIS is a tool box....stainless steel with a built in stereo....$1999.95 at Lowe's.

I have been waiting for this for a very long time..or at least, I was when I used outhouses.....

Kind of a cool market..Bosa's in Burnaby. 

Call Us Today At (604) 253-5578
1465 Kootenay Street
Vancouver, BC
V5K 4Y3
Click Here To Get Map
562 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5L 4E2
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My ol buddy Ernie and I met up and had some lunch at Anton's, on Hastings.



  1. That italissima place looks spectacular! I hope I can try it out soon! Really nice job with the pictures, and especially the video, even if it wasn't really about the restaurant! I'll have to look around for it!

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  3. Ender..if you are in the area, there is a another great pasta joint..up on Edmonds/6th Street in Burnaby. Called Amarosa. One of the the good thing about that place is that they will accept reservations.

    Gary editing on comments..had to do a spell correction.