Friday, 15 June 2012

Master Card Gold...BMO

I often find myself tilting at windmills. Wanting to see changes and not being able to do anything about it. In the case of the BMO MasterCard Gold credit card and the 2.5% out-of-country charge, I decided to do what I could to address the issue. If you agree with this video, by all means, grab it from YouTube and share it about.


I `came upon`a salmon the other day, and one of the things I love doing is putting stuff in the smoker!  Here is the cut-up fish drying before going in. I really need to learn to fillet...I hack away and it shows. If you know about smoking, then there is nothing new here..but if smoking fish and meats is a topic you aren`t up of the main things is putting your fish in a brine, which is usually Soya sauce, demerarra sugar, garlic powder..and from that point on...anything goes. People put in hot sauces, peppers, ginger..just about anything. I think maybe next time I am going to try some bourbon.

After it has sat in the brine for an good period of time...overnight is need to rinse it well. The salt will over-power you, if not. maybe I`ll splash on the bourbon after the washing...and then you need to dry the fish. You get a shine, called a pellicle. That tells you when it`s dried and ready for your smoker.

I have a small fan blowing over the fish..

It takes easily 3 hours to dry it.

I want to try some cold smoking and I can get an attachment from Bradley, I just haven`t done that yet, and doing some reading, I saw where a guy put ice cubes in his V tray to cool the smoke.  I did it..and I don`t know that it really did anything at all. The I boosted the temp to 180 for 4 hours.


Then buddy shows up with 12 crabs.....I had arranged to share that with some folks, so by 4 I had cleaned the crabs and they were in the fridge.

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