Monday, 28 May 2012

Living in the north, every so often even I get lucky. Saturday and guy is knocking at the door, selling fresh live crabs. I was in no position to take advantage of this...but it just so happened Sunday was a different story. We were having some folks in for sups and on the menu was a huge honkin prime rib...but what the hell, can't pass up crab. Anyway, I asked the dude if he would be able to come back the next day..Sunday. Yesterday afternoon..10 crabs for $40..oh man, yeah!!

So...once the company had arrived, we ate brushetta, we dealt with the crabs and cooked and ate a mess of  them..yes, of course, with garlic butter..and then cleared that off and had the prime rib with garlic mashed spuds and some other stuff.  Holy geeeeezus......

Brushetta...if you like it or the sounds of is what I did yesterday. Really, what it is, is some kind of tomato mix up put onto a piece of bread and put under a broiler. You can be as creative or as uncrazy as you like. I bought a jar of the already prepared brushetta, then added some chopped garlic and cilantro and whatever salt and pepper and chili or other spices you like.  If I had been thinking I would have added some mango time. Then I blended in some packaged and grated Mozzarella cheese. I had a block of a white cheese that had peppers in it..the name of which escapes me...that I sliced up. Use a loaf of bread...the cool kids use a baguette, sliced thinly so no one is filling up on bread, eh....put the bread slices on a flat pat and under the broiler for a few minutes...each toast it. This prevents the olive oil from just soaking the bread. Next with a brush or back of a spoon...apply some olive oil on both sides....and then a nice dollop of the brushetta mix. Place that final slice of cheese...and into the oven. Now..I do a bake-broil switch. Yes, it takes more time, but I like the process and this way, it all gets warm, not just melted on top. So, first bake for maybe 5 minutes, then the broiler for a couple. Keep an eye on it...once that cheese gets hot, it melts, then burns.

This pic does not have cheese...why they do that is beyond me.

W were off to a private house concert on Saturday night. The group was a returning ensemble for Winnipeg, Red Moon Road. Living north, having any type of live music or stage events are pretty few and far between. Not that there isn't any, but some of it is pretty insipid. This event was offered up by some folks that have a big house..they strip out the front room furniture, set up 50 chairs and put the word out.

This is a tune that the singer, Sheena,  has written..... and I just realized I don't a have a vid of the three of the band members..only the lady singer. So...that makes it pretty obvious, does it not...hahahahaha...I have a band vid, but the lighting was so poor, that one of them is in the dark, throughout. That is my story.

and then we have Sheena singing another song...but there is nothing to been seen of the two can hear them, that counts....


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